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Nominating a Wisconsin Lake Superior National Marine Sanctuary

Wisconsin now has an opportunity to nominate a Lake Superior National Marine Sanctuary.

National Marine Sanctuaries or “NMS” areas are designated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for research, education, and protection. NMS can only be designated for underwater, submerged areas within the ocean or Great Lakes waters. These are sites that contribute unique ecological, cultural, aesthetic, or recreational  resources of national significance.  They are selected for their opportunity to advance marine science, education, and conservation that support ecologic, economic, subsistence, and traditional uses.

or the first time, the process for adding new Sanctuaries is open for nominations from the public, state and federal agencies, and tribes. There are significant marine resources in the Lake Superior waters. There are opportunities for research, education, and conservation to protect them while providing additional economic opportunities through the nomination of a Lake Superior National Marine Sanctuary.

The process starts with strong local support.  Nomination is the first step. The actual designation process comes later.

We welcome you to learn more about opportunities for a Wisconsin Lake Superior National Marine Sanctuary and help us take the first step towards nomination! Contact Cathy Techtmann UW-Extension Environmental Outreach State Specialist @

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