2015 Annual Report UWEX Ashland County

UW-Extension Ashland County 2015 Annual Report

or this report, we chose a photo rich format that we hope provides you with a broad overview of our work and valuable insight into how we strive to improve lives in Ashland County. We are relying on the old adage: a picture is worth a thousand words.

The University of Wisconsin Extension’s Educational Priorities were developed to direct UW-Extension’s educational work to transform lives, organizations, and communities. We’ve chosen to use the four Educational Priorities: Supporting a Safe and Healthy Food Supply,  Empowering Youth, Families and Communities, Growing Strong Economies, and Creating Resilient and Productive Environments to organize this report. The four Educational Priorities will each headline pages of photos with descriptions of our programs that we think address each priority.  Please take a couple of minutes to enjoy a snapshot of our work in 2015.

Thank you,

Your Ashland County Extension Office



University of Wisconsin-Extension provides statewide access to university resources and research so the people of Wisconsin can learn, grow and succeed at all stages of life.  UW-Extension carries out the tradition of the Wisconsin Idea – extending the boundaries of the university to the boundaries of the state – through its four divisions of continuing education, entrepreneurship and economic development, cooperative extension, and broadcast and media innovations.  Our Ashland County office is part of the division of Cooperative Extension and we provide education through four program areas: 4-H & Youth Development; Family Living and Nutrition Education; Agriculture and Horticulture; and Community, Natural Resource and Economic Development.