4-H Spring Contest

4-H Spring Contest (Quarantine Version)

Museum Art Re-Creation


  1. One entry per person per category.
  2. There are four categories:
    1. Portrait Art: Includes individual, group or self-portraits like the Lady with an Ermine, American Gothic, or The Blue Boy
    2. Genre Painting: Scenes of everyday life – ordinary people doing common things like laundry, sharing a meal or at a wedding. Examples include Snap the Whip, Nameless and Friendless and these Girls Knitting with their Cats
    3. Landscapes: Landscape paintings are those whose principal conten
      Girl with Kittens in Basket by Albert Anker, 1862.

      Girl with Kittens in Basket by Albert Anker, 1862.

      t is a scenic view, like Christina’s World, Looking Down Yosemite Valley, and Water Lilies.

    4. Still Life: A still life is an arrangement of domestic objects or everyday items like Sunflowers, Rideau Cruchon et Compotier and Oriental Poppies
  3. Include with your submission:
    1. The title of the original artwork and name of artist, year it was created, museum or collection where it is currently located, and the category you’re entering it in.
    2. Your name, age and e-mail address.
    3. Briefly explain what you like about this piece and why you chose it.
  4. Submit the inspiration photo along with your recreation photo, and other required information to the 4-H office by 3:00 pm on Thursday, May 14th. Please email to Amy Tromberg: amy.tromberg@wisc.edu.



Rideau, Cruchoen et Compotier by Paul Cezanne, 1893.

Rideau, Cruchoen et Compotier by Paul Cezanne, 1893.

There are monetary $ prizes for the winning entries and they will be awarded based on age groups.

  • 5 years old – 7 years old
  • 8 years old – 10 years old
  • 11 years old – 13 years old
  • 14 years old – 16 years old
  • 17 years old – 19 years old
  • Adult
  • Family

Judging Criteria:

–       Creativity in re-creation. We want to see creative re-purposing of stuff you find around your house and yard.  It doesn’t have to be a perfect match – just representative or close enough. If you don’t have a pitchfork like the one in your painting, could you use a rake or fork or marshmallow campfire roasting stick?  Be creative and make it work!

–       Attention to detail on the main components. Have enough of the main components so it’s recognizable as trying to be like the original artwork. Finding similar shapes and colors can really help create your scene.

–       If it includes people, make the face, tilt your head, and strike the pose that we see in the original piece. Do your best with costuming. If you don’t have a military jacket like Napoleon, could you use your dad’s suit coat and mom’s scarves to make it fancy?

–       No filters, photo shopping or other fancy editing. No shopping for better props! We just want to see you, your stuff that you have lying around and your imagination!

Inspiration photo and your re-creation photo will be shared with judges, compiled into a PowerPoint with other entries to share with our 4-H Community remotely and online through the Extension Ashland County 4-H website. Entries will likely be shared on the Ashland County 4-H Facebook Page in a 4-H Spring Contest album.  If you have any concerns regarding the submitted photo being online in any of these formats please contact Doug Liphart, 715-682-7017 ex 1, doug.liphart@wisc.edu or Amy Tromberg at amy.tromberg@wisc.edu when submitting the entry.


A big “Thank You!” to our 4-H Volunteer’s and County Events Committee for their work and flexibility to design a virtual 4-H Spring Contest!