First quarterly Extension Agriculture newsletter for Chequamegon Bay area farmers and gardeners:

Extension Ag Newsletter Spring 2020

Farmers and agribusiness owners in Ashland and Bayfield County, WI provide internship opportunities, and UW-Madison Division of Extension in partnership with Northland College, organizes farm tours and training sessions depending on intern interests. Successful applicants are required to complete their farm internship and attend the various training sessions.  College credit may be available through campus-specific programs.

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Featured publication: Soil Compaction: Causes, Concerns, and Cures (A3367)
Soil compaction caused by working wet fields can cut crop yields for years to come. Soil scientists Dick Wolkowski and Birl Lowery show the impact on plant growth and yield, offer details on diagnosis, and suggest ways to minimize or avoid the problem as well as how to correct compacted soils.  Order copies or view the PDF at the Learning Store.

Related resources for Extension faculty and staff only: Life in the Soil (#18014) To understand the rationale for sustainable agriculture, one must grasp the critical importance of soil. This video depicts in vivid color what life is like in the soil at the microscopic level. It is a living, fragile medium that must be protected and nurtured to ensure its long-term productivity and stability. VHS VIDEO (30:00).

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If you have any questions regarding Agriculture in Ashland County, please contact:

Jason Fischbach Ag Agent

Jason Fischbach
Ashland and Bayfield County Agriculture Agent

Bayfield County Courthouse

P.O.Box 218
117 East 5th Street
Washburn, WI 54891
Phone: 715-373-6104 ext 253