4-H Yearbook 2022-2023 is Here!

Thank you to all the 4-H Volunteers and families who sent in photos of clubs, events, and other programs to be included in this publication! We have over 50 individuals represented in the Yearbook – please know you can always send photos for future materials.

View a web friendly version here

A free copy of this publication has been mailed to each 4-H family in Ashland County registered in 4-H Online – if you have not received yours, please contact the 4-H office at 715-682-7017 and we will send a Yearbook your way!

There is still time to renew your 4-H Online enrollment to ensure you receive local 4-H email updates and publications. In addition to virtual news, please consider the kind of news you prefer to receive, then text your preferences to 4-H Educator Kate at her direct work number: 715-208-0664!

Options include an annual yearbook (1 per year), seasonal newsletters (4 per year), 2-month newsletters (6 per year), or monthly bulletins (12 per year). Weigh in with your thoughts or share alternative ideas!

Contact Kate

Kate Wallner serves Ashland County as the 4-H Youth Development Educator. To learn more about 4-H and Youth Development Programming and the role of Extension in Ashland County, contact Kate on her work phone at 715-208-0664, send an email to kate.wallner@wisc.edu or call the Ashland County office at 715-682-7017.

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