Literacy Link

The Literacy Link connects children and parents in justice involved families through visiting, reading and writing. In Ashland County, Extension partners with the Vaughn Library, the Bad River Education Department and the Ashland County Jail to provide literacy programs for families involved in the criminal justice system.


A free video visiting program for children under age 13 who have a parent in the Ashland County Jail. TeleStory provides a private child-friendly space at the Ashland Public Library or Bad River Chief Blackbird Center, where children and parents can connect using books, games and toys.

Making Reading Memories

A recorded book reading program for parents in the Ashland County Jail. Participants are video recorded reading a book for their child. The video and book are sent to the child to view at any time.

Family Literacy Kits

Each month, parents in jail can choose a book and write a letter to their child. A kit is mailed to the child, including the book and letter from the parent, writing materials and a stamped envelope for writing a letter back to the parent.

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