Ashland County Votes! -report cards

In August 2022, the Ashland County Extension Community Development educator Lissa Radke developed a new publication that summarized Ashland County’s election turnout rates and other information related to the election process. Called “Ashland County Votes! Election Summary and Voting Results,” the “report card” is a way to measure voter turnout by municipality, which can help elected officials and clerks see trends in turnout and adjust their outreach to new voters, new community residents, or to current registered voters.

Each four-page report card also highlights the important contributions of local elected officials and clerks, informs residents about voting processes, and offers “good news” about Ashland County’s voting activities.

A report card will be published for each election in 2022 and 2023, followed by a report that summarizes all findings and offers recommendations for how to increase voter participation and outreach for elected officials and clerks to consider.

Resources for Voting!

  • Ashland County Election Information
  • MyVote WI is a tool provided by the State of Wisconsin Election Commission and can help:
    • find your polling place
    • see election dates and what’s on the ballot
    • check voter registration
    • request and track your absentee ballot.
  • Wisconsin Elections Commission is a tool that helps support local clerks in the election process including:
    • Materials for required training every 2 years
    • Candidate information
    • Voting equipment information
    • Voting statistics
    • And resources for voters too!

Municipalities will receive a unique flyer early 2024 showing upcoming elections, their municipality election turnouts, Clerk contacts information, voter resources, and other facts about voting in their community.

2024 Municipality Elections Fact Sheets

This is just one example! The example for the Town of Morse shows many facts including:

  • 88% of eligible voters are registered; higher than Ashland County’s 75% and the state’s 74%
  • There was a 39 person increase in the amount of registered voters between march 2020 and January 2024!
  • The last Presidential Election in November 2020 saw 92% of eligible voters participating!
Town of Morse 2024 Elections Fact Sheet.

2023 Report Cards

February 2023 is available here

  • Voter turnout rates for 16 Ashland County jurisdictions
  • Comparison to past elections with one seat open
  • The Lifecycle of Your WI Election Ballot
  • Welcome to New Registered Voters in Ashland County!
  • Ashland County Municipalities Get New Voting Machines

April 2023 is available here

  • Voter turnout rates for 16 Ashland County jurisdictions
  • Non-Registered, but eligible Voters in Ashland County
  • Fun Facts about American Democracy
  • Meet Your Town of Morse Clerk

2022 Report Cards

August 2022 is available here

  • Voter turnout rates for 16 Ashland County jurisdictions
  • The Four Main Participants in Elections: Municipal Clerks, Election Workers/Officials, Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC), and Voters!
  • Who is Ashland County’s longest-serving municipal clerk? Meet Howard Scherwinski, the Town of Agenda Clerk since April 1971!

November 2022 is available here

  • Voter turnout rates for 16 Ashland County jurisdictions
  • Election Security 101: New Educational Program About Voting Machine Testing in City of Ashland
  • Get Out the Youth Vote! 2022 Youth Voter Registration Campaign
  • Highlight: Young Election Workers Join the Ranks!
  • Thanks to Ashland County Election Workers! Meet folks from Ashland and Morse
  • 2023: Two Elections Are Scheduled