Hazardous Waste Management

With the support of Ashland County government and in partnership with the Northwest Regional Planning Commission, the Extension Ashland County office coordinates an annual hazardous waste collection called ‘Clean Sweep.’

Counties in Northern Wisconsin have contracted with the Northwest Regional Planning Commission to offer annual Cleansweep Collections at no or low cost to households, farms, and businesses in a nine-county region since 1995. The program received a Wisconsin Governors Award for Excellence in Solid Waste Reduction by offering almost 400 collection events and keeping 1.6 million pounds of toxic materials from harming our waters, land, and wildlife.

2021 Cleansweeps Hazardous Waste Collection

Save the Date!

June 22nd, from 2:00-6:00 PM at the Bayfield County Garage in Washburn June 23rd, from 2:00-6:00 PM at WITC Ashland Campus

*The Washburn site also includes an agriculture and marine plastic collection!



What’s considered hazardous or not hazardous?


In 2019, about 180 participants brought over 11,000 pounds of hazardous materials to safe collection events in Ashland County!

Paint Related Material   5,588 lb

Flammable Liquids 341 lb

Mercury   4 lb

Corrosives 595 lb

Aerosols 644 lb

1 lb Cylinders 34 lb

Pesticides / Toxics Liquids 912 lb

Oxidizers   13 lb

Ethylene Glycol 1,821 lb

Non Reg Resins 1,050 lb

Batteries  74 lbs.

<4’ Fluorescent bulbs   340 bulbs

>4’ fluorescent bulbs 194 bulbs

HID bulbs   5

Oil filters   21

Non-controlled meds  52 lbs.

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