Families & Finances

The Extension Institute of Human Development & Relationships provides the tools Wisconsinites need to thrive as well-rounded, capable individuals and families. We support families in caring for each other in ways that promote growth and understanding. Our programs promote aging-friendly communities, coach effective parents and help families put technology, mindfulness and financial awareness to use. Our Families & Finances programming help to provide sources of well-researched, quality information about families and relationships, guide people through experiences throughout their lifespan, across health and developmental states, through caregiving, and through intergenerational relationships, and help families and individuals across Ashland County to achieve financial well being.

Relationships & Parenting

The Ashland County UW Madison Extension Office promotes virtual and in-person parenting classes! Some classes offered include:

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You can find all UW Madison Extension resources for parenting & family relationships here!

Financial Education

UW Madison Extension offers a number of resources to help families and individuals stretch their dollars and meet their financial goals. Some classed offered include:

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You can find all UW Madison Extension resources for financial education here!

You can find all UW Madison Extension virtual and inperson classes and events for Financial Education here!

The Whole Brain Child
Credit & Debt Series with Money Matters Live
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Virtual Parenting Classes!
Coffee Talks for Parents of Toddlers & Preschoolers – Virtual Monthly Class
Families & Screens Workshop
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Resilient Co-Parenting Virtual Classes
Upcoming Class: Trauma Informed Caregiving
AMP (Aging Mastery Program) Starts July 13th

Heidi Ungrodt serves both Ashland and Bayfield Counties as the Human Development & Relationships Educator

As your Human Development & Relationships Educator Heidi helps build strong families, which serve as the foundation for community life, by enhancing family relationships, parenting, child development, nutrition, financial literacy, and the community institutions that promote family well-being.