4-H Ambassadors Event – Ice Safety and Ice Fishing!

March 26th is the date of our next 4-H Ambassador Event: Ice Safety and Ice Fishing! Join Doug and the Nortunens’ Saturday, March 26th for an afternoon of ice fishing and fun! Walk out onto an inland lake with Doug and his assistant to take part in a 30-Minute ice safety and rescue course. You’ll learn all about staying safe on the ice and have a chance to rescue someone from the water! Then, spend time ice fishing, roasting venison wieners over a campfire, and hanging out. This is a fun learning opportunity open to all 4-H’ers 8th grade and up!

Please provide your own transportation! Meet at Second Landing at noon! (Address: 55971 Reykdal Rd, Ashland 54806; Reykdal Rd is 7 mi east of the Courthouse in Ashland just past 3 Eagles gift shop on the left travelling east) from 12-3:30/4:00) Please bring warm clothes and boots, water bottle and a favorite winter snack food, extra hat and gloves/mittens (high temp 35*f). We’ll supply fishing gear, ice rescue gear, venison wieners & buns, other snacks. Parents and guardians welcome 🙂

Contact Doug or the Extension Office to sign up! 715-682-7017

4-H Ambassador Ice Safety and Ice Fishing Permission Slip