Upcoming Class: Trauma Informed Caregiving

Trauma-Informed Caregiving: Supporting Children Who Have Experienced Trauma

A workshop for birth, foster & adoptive parents, grandparents, relative caregivers, child-serving professionals and community members to share information about trauma and the effects on children to strengthen positive relationships between children and adults. This 8-Session Series will take place virtually on Tuesday evenings February-March 2023, Register using this link and see more details below!

When:  Tuesdays, Feb 7th-March 28th, 2023
Time:  5:30-7:30pm
Where: Online (virtual class)

View a PDF of the Trauma Informed Caregiving Poster Here


Child trauma can be hard to identify and understand. The symptoms can look like so many other physical and mental health issues. A child who has experienced trauma may develop behaviors making it hard to form positive relationships with others. They may also continue the cycle of violence and abuse. When the “root cause” of the issue is not recognized and treated, families and workers can feel worn out.


Fortunately, trauma-informed caregiving and treatment can help children recover from
their difficult childhood experiences. It helps them learn new ways of thinking about
themselves and the world around them.


In this workshop, you will:

    • Learn information about trauma and its effect on children
    • Learn how to recognize and understand trauma reminders
    • Identify emotional “hot spots” and learn strategies to help manage behaviors
    • Gain knowledge and skills to become a trauma-informed advocate

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