4-H Record Keeping Materials Available for 2023!

4-H Record Keeping Materials Available for 2023! Materials for Club Leaders are now available through the Volunteers & Leaders Association page! Co-leaders, youth members, and anyone else in the club are welcome to participate in filling out the Record Book Form. Remember only one form is required per club (representing answers from the club as a whole).

The goals for 4-H Record-Keeping are:
• Understand the value and skills of organized record-keeping to use both in the present and future.
• Practice how to set goals, recognize experience highlights, and make positive changes.
• Practice how to summarize and communicate individual activities, talents, and styles.
• Practice evaluating and explaining experiences to be prepared for later application opportunities.
• Practice accountability and responsibility with time management and completing tasks.
• Practice using different media tools for creative and educational presentations.

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