Ashland County 4-H Projects

Ashland County 4-H Program welcomes any member to explore projects that will interest them. Whether you want to work on computers, learn to shoot a bow and arrow, or ride horses, you can explore all that 4-H has to offer you.

4-H involves youth in project-based education. Through project learning, youth can explore their interests (“sparks”) and master new skills. Some 4-H projects in Ashland County have group activities and set schedules, while others are explored independently by each Member. 4-H projects are meant to be hands on to create a memorable learning experience. Since 4-H started in the early 1900s, youth have learned by doing. This hands-on process allows youth to understand not only how to do something but also why they are doing it.

As you explore, you’ll learn more than just subject matter. You’ll learn “life” skills, too. These are valuable skills, such as communicating and working with others, problem solving and decision making—skills that you can use the rest of your life.

Kate Wallner serves Ashland County as the 4-H Youth Development Educator

Kate Wallner serves Ashland County as the 4-H Youth Development Educator. To learn more about 4-H Youth Development programming and the role of Extension in Ashland County, send her an email ( or call 715-208-0664! You can also share ideas through the short survey found here!