Teen Court Panel Member Applications Extended

The due date for application submissions is Sunday, April 30 at 10:00PM.

Teen Court meets once a month at the courthouse to hear cases for 1st time juvenile offenders who have already admitted to an offence. After explaining their oath of confidentiality, the Teen Court asks clarifying questions to both the youth and their guardian(s) to formulate their understanding not only of the offense but how the youth individual currently functions at home, in school, and in their community. The Teen Court receives training and monthly advisory support from Kate Wallner, 4-H Youth Development Educator for Ashland County UW-Madison Extension, along with an annual training with the Ashland County District Attorney’s office. High school aged youth in Ashland County are invited to apply.

Teen Court Panelist Information

Times & Location: Teen Court meets on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at the Ashland County Courthouse.

Term of Appointment: One year with the option to renew depending on year in school.

General Responsibilities:

    1. Attendance is important; if you are unable to attend a meeting let the advisor know.
    2. Training and proper conduct within the established guidelines for the Teen Court are crucial.
    3. Come prepared to hear cases and Honor the Oath of Confidentiality for Teen Court members.


    1. Currently in high school within the Ashland County or Bad River Nation region.
    2. Ability to attend scheduled cases during the evenings at the Ashland Courthouse.
    3. Access to transportation and/or technology to attend these meetings.
    4. Ability to effectively work with others in a structured setting.
    5. Ability to identify issues related to first time juvenile offenders who are involved in the judicial system.
    6. Good organizational and communication skills.
    7. Willing to openly express themselves to both a youth and adult audience.

Kate Wallner serves Ashland County as the 4-H Youth Development Educator

Kate Wallner serves Ashland County as the 4-H Youth Development Educator: to learn more about 4-H Youth Development Programming and the role Extension plays in Ashland County, send Kate an email at kate.wallner@wisc.edu or call 715-208-0664!