Relationships & Parenting

UW-Extension offers resources to strengthen communities by providing:

  • Parent education and support – to help parents be their best in this challenging and rewarding role

  • Relationship education – to help individuals develop essential skills for strong interpersonal relationships, including communication, problem solving, self-control, self-care and stress management.

Monthly Virtual Coffee Talks for Parents of Toddlers & Preschoolers

Second Thursday of each Month, 10:00 am – 11:00 am

For parents of toddlers/preschoolers – Please join in on an open Zoom meeting with educators from UW-Madison Extension. You are welcome to sip on coffee, hot cocoa, juice or tea. Everyone is welcome! Register here for the May and September through November Virtual Coffee Talks.

  • May 11th: Children and Screens
  • Sept. 14th: Humankind. Be both.
  • Oct. 12th: Take a Deep Breath
  • Nov. 9th: What Am I Good At?

Positive Parenting Program

Mondays, April 3- May 8, 2023

“Triple P” Positive Parenting Program free seminars aim to provide parents with a toolbox of strategies to raise confident and healthy children and teens, build strong family relationships, manage misbehavior, and prevent problems from happening in the first place. Participate virtually from the comfort of your own home and walk away with more knowledge and confidence as a parent! Attend one, two or all three of the seminars at no cost to you. Register here for any of the the April-May Triple P classes.

Trauma Informed Caregiving

February-March 2023

Building Positive Relationships with Children who have Experienced Trauma. This 8-week workshop you will learn information about trauma & its effects on children, how to recognize and understand trauma reminders, and more.

Raising Wisconsin’s Children

 dates to come

Virtual Raising Wisconsin’s Children parenting classes are 100% FREE, 100% Virtual and 100% Focused on WI Families! Dads, moms, grandparents, foster parents, child care providers, educators and all those caring for our children are welcome to attend!

Some of the Classes Offered

  • Manage Technology Before it Manages You Part 1: Values + Strategies
  • Manage Technology Before it Manages You Part 2: Family Media Plan
  • Raising Helpful Toddlers
  • Developing Good Bedtime Routine
  • Focus on Fathers series

teaches you how to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illness and substance use disorders. This training gives you the skill you need to reach out and provide initial support to someone who may be developing a mental health or substance use problem & help connect them to the appropriate care.

Parenting Skills for Today’s Families. These evidence-based program can be scheduled for individuals or groups. They use videos showing common family challenges to demonstrate effective parenting techniques. Modules are available for parents of kids ages infant-18.

Within my Reach is a relationship awareness and communication skills program for adults.  Participants can be single or in a relationship.  Through discussion and fun activities students learn how communication, values, expectations and goals can make or break relationship success.  Relationships really matter!  The quality of our relationships impacts our parenting, work, school, community and life satisfaction.  Explore ways to find and support smart, successful relationships.

This program that helps parents of 4-7 year old’s teach their children valuable conflict resolution and problem solving skills.  These skills can help reduce problems that are common in families with young children like tantrums, conflicts with siblings, friends, or classmates, and impulsive behavior.  Through a series of fun activities they can do at home, parents teach kids to understand the feelings of others, ask for what they want or need, think about outcomes of their actions, and manage everyday conflicts.  These skills not only help reduce yelling and nagging at home, but also protect kids from problems later on.

Building Strong Families

This family resilience program focuses on traits research has shown to be important to strong, healthy families. Participants identify existing family strengths and explore practical ways to enhance communication, respect, connectedness, adaptability and other resilience-building traits.

Strengthening Families, 10-14

In partnership with cooperating agencies, Extension is available to co-facilitate this evidence-based program designed to prevent teen behavior problems, boost parenting skills and enhance family strengths.

This a 10-part newsletter series for grandparents raising young children (birth to age 8). The focus is on family relationships and child development rather than legal or financial issues. Topics include: understanding child behavior, the importance of close relationships and open communication, and maintaining contact with parents.

Would You or Your Organization Like to Host a Parenting Class?

Parenting Newsletters  offering research-based information for parents of infants, young children, preschoolers and grandparents raising grandchildren

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Division of Extension Parenting Website  research-based guidance for parents of infants to teens

Parent Further Website   this website for families from the Search Institute offers resources on discipline, relationships, media and more.

Heidi Ungrodt serves Ashland County as the Human Development & Relationships Educator

Heidi Ungrodt serves Ashland County as the Human Development and Relationships Educator. To learn more about Human Development and Relationships Programming and the role Extension plays in Ashland County, send Heidi an email at or call 715-682-7017!