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UW-Extension offers resources to strengthen communities by providing free resources to parents. Parent education and support – to help parents be their best in this challenging and rewarding role and Relationship education – to help individuals develop essential skills for strong interpersonal relationships, including communication, problem solving, self-control, self-care and stress management

Interested in Parenting Classes?

For a list of all Online Parenting classes offered by UW Madison Extension through Parenting and Family Relationships please follow this link: Online Parenting Classes from UW Madison!

This 5-week virtual series will walk through the workbook on the bestselling book, The Whole Brain Child, by Dr. Dan Siegel and Dr. Tina Payne Bryson, exploring their parent-friendly approach to brain science to help parents, “understand the science behind their child’s developing mind and survive the everyday parenting struggles that accompany each stage of growth.”

The Whole Brain Child Series Will Provide

  • Tools for solving sibling conflict, homework struggles, screen time battles, tantrums and more
  • 12 whole-brain strategies
  • Age-specific exercises and activities
  • Interactive format that allows journaling to integrate ideas with each person’s own parenting approach

This is a 5-session series, you must attend all 5 classes
When: Wednesdays from October 11 to November 8, 2023
Time: 12:00-1:00 pm
Register at:

Join free online parenting classes. Connect with other parents. Get practical, positive, research-based parenting ideas. Help children grow. Raising Wisconsin’s Children online parenting classes are the 3rd Thursday at 1 PM or 6PM unless otherwise noted. Classes are for any parent or caregiver.

Raising Wisconsin's Children topics

  • The Parent’s Guide to the Teenage Brain
  • Raising Kind Kids
  • Families and Screens
  • Strengthen Family Bonds Through Traditions

For class descriptions and registration information please visit the Raising Wisconsin’s Children page.

Are you living apart while parenting together? Has the custody of your children changed? Join our classes designed to reduce conflict and support family well-being during big changes.

Parents Forever

Parents Forever™ is an educational program for parents that are separating, divorcing, or changing custody of their children. After the Parents Forever™ program, you will be able to:

  • Describe the family transition journey
  • Recognize the importance of self-care and the parent-child bond for child well-being
  • Identify internal and external resources to help you thrive during big changes

*The Parents Forever™ program may meet the requirement for court mandated co-parenting classes for divorcing parents. Please confirm with your county before registering.

For a complete list of upcoming class dates and descriptions, please visit the Parenting and Family Relationships calendar.

Resilient Co-Parenting

The Resilient Co-Parenting classes are for parents or caregivers who are raising their children together while living apart. These classes are a source of ongoing support for co-parents as they continue their journey. Anyone can join!

Classes happen the first Thursday of each month from 7:00-8:00PM via zoom and have a variety of themes. Please see the PDF on the Resilient Co-Parenting page for complete class descriptions.

Register for Resilient Co-Parenting Classes here.

Triple P: Positive Parenting Program

Are you experiencing a separation or divorce? Find out how to manage your big change while supporting your children. This series of five classes includes:

  • Coping with your emotions
  • Talking with your children about separation
  • Managing conflict with a co-parent
  • and more!

For a complete list of upcoming class dates and descriptions, please visit the Parenting and Family Relationships calendar.

Having a strong relationship with your romantic partner can be hard. And when you need help, finding trustworthy support can be difficult. The Strong Couples Program is available to you at no cost and happens at your own pace.

The Strong Couples Program info

This program is for couples together six months or longer in all life stages. This educational program is NOT counseling. The program teaches couples to use tools that improve their relationship.

The Strong Couples Program is:

  • Six self-paced online modules.
  • Topics include: communication, commitment, problem-solving, and fun and friendship.
  • Five brief video calls with a trained coach.

Find more information on the Strong Couples Program page

Fathers want to be fathers. The dads in our lives play a crucial role in our children’s development and the well-being of our families. We know that dads today face many challenges finding the support they need to be fully present for their children. Find resources for fathers here.

Focus on Fathers classes

Connect with other fathers while learning to boost your child’s social and emotional skills. One hour online online sessions are offered most months of the year.

Our sessions include:

  • Building strong relationships through communication
  • Strategies to teach children about feelings
  • Helping children stand up for themselves and more!

Find more information and registration information for Focus on Fathers here.

For parents of toddlers/preschoolers – Please join in on an open Zoom meeting with educators from UW-Madison Extension. Second Thursday of each Month, 10:00 am – 11:00 am You are welcome to sip on coffee, hot cocoa, juice or tea. Everyone is welcome! Register here for Virtual Coffee Talks.

Virtual Coffee Talks Topics

  • May 11th: Children and Screens
  • Sept. 14th: Humankind. Be both.
  • Oct. 12th: Take a Deep Breath
  • Nov. 9th: What Am I Good At?

Trauma Informed Caregiving

February-March 2023

Building Positive Relationships with Children who have Experienced Trauma. This 8-week workshop you will learn information about trauma & its effects on children, how to recognize and understand trauma reminders, and more.

teaches you how to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illness and substance use disorders. This training gives you the skill you need to reach out and provide initial support to someone who may be developing a mental health or substance use problem & help connect them to the appropriate care.

Parenting Skills for Today’s Families. These evidence-based program can be scheduled for individuals or groups. They use videos showing common family challenges to demonstrate effective parenting techniques. Modules are available for parents of kids ages infant-18.

Within my Reach is a relationship awareness and communication skills program for adults.  Participants can be single or in a relationship.  Through discussion and fun activities students learn how communication, values, expectations and goals can make or break relationship success.  Relationships really matter!  The quality of our relationships impacts our parenting, work, school, community and life satisfaction.  Explore ways to find and support smart, successful relationships.

This program that helps parents of 4-7 year old’s teach their children valuable conflict resolution and problem solving skills.  These skills can help reduce problems that are common in families with young children like tantrums, conflicts with siblings, friends, or classmates, and impulsive behavior.  Through a series of fun activities they can do at home, parents teach kids to understand the feelings of others, ask for what they want or need, think about outcomes of their actions, and manage everyday conflicts.  These skills not only help reduce yelling and nagging at home, but also protect kids from problems later on.

Strengthening Families, 10-14

In partnership with cooperating agencies, Extension is available to co-facilitate this evidence-based program designed to prevent teen behavior problems, boost parenting skills and enhance family strengths.

This a 10-part newsletter series for grandparents raising young children (birth to age 8). The focus is on family relationships and child development rather than legal or financial issues. Topics include: understanding child behavior, the importance of close relationships and open communication, and maintaining contact with parents.

Additional Resources for Parents

Parenting Newsletters  offering research-based information for parents of infants, young children, preschoolers and grandparents raising grandchildren

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Division of Extension Parenting Website  research-based guidance for parents of infants to teens

Parent Further Website   this website for families from the Search Institute offers resources on discipline, relationships, media and more.

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